RazorScan V2

Migration of $RAZOR from BSC to Ethereum:

  1. ChainSwap helped Razor Network…

A step-by-step guide to farming your $RAZOR on Dfyn Network

  • $RAZOR-$ETH Ecosystem Farm with 120K $RAZOR reward.
  • $RAZOR-$DFYN Dual Farm with 120K $RAZOR + 11K $DFYN reward.

Make Razor Network-themed stickers for Telegram to win prizes of up to 10,000 $RAZOR tokens.

Why The Sticker Making Contest?

Razor’s decentralized oracle network to provide reliable price feed to Plutos Network’s synthetic issuances and derivatives trading platform

300,000 RAZOR tokens to be rewarded over 120 days to LP Miners

Razor Network

Most secure and Decentralized oracle network

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